More About Solar Attic Vents and Attic Fans


There are two major categories of solar powered attic fans available on the market today; those that use 10-15 watt solar panels and those that use 20-25 watt solar panels.  The 10 watt solar attic fans are typically less expensive, but only move a maximum of 850 CFM of airflow.  These are the solar attic fans that you will find at Home Depot, Lowes, and other discount building supply stores.


However, don't be fooled by the lower price.  This size fan is only adequate to ventilate a maximum attic space of 1200 square feet under ideal conditions.  Since most people have homes with an attic space larger than 1200 square feet and conditions are seldom ideal, it is usually necessary to install multiple 10 watt solar attic fans to meet the specific Ventilation Requirements of your home.


Most of the larger 20-25 watt solar attic fans are rated to move a maximum of 1250 CFM of airflow.  While more expensive than the 10 watt units, these fans have the capacity to adequately ventilate a maximum attic space of roughly 1750-1800 square feet.



What Makes Ours Different from the Others?


The materials and technology used to manufacture our solar attic vents are what separates Us from the competition.  We use a proprietary vent housing based on venturi flow technology to maximize hot air removal from the attic.  This technology combined with an ultra high efficiency 14" fan and powerful 25 watt solar panel allows us to deliver an incredible 1550 CFM of airflow!


However, the differences don't end there.   We build solar attic fans that are meant to last.  Many other solar attic vent manufacturers use plastic materials for their vent housings, motor mounts, and fan blades in order to save money on manufacturing costs.   We take the opposite approach using a high quality, corrosion resistant zincalume alloy vent housing, stainless steel motor mounts, and high-efficiency aluminum fan blades.  Our vents are designed and manufactured to be both tough and reliable because we know what's important to our customers.



Compare Solar Attic Fans for Yourself!


  Attic Breeze 20 watt solar attic fan in black finish Solar Dynamics 20 watt super cyclone solar attic fan Sunrise Solar 20 watt solar attic fan Natural Light 20 watt solar attic fan
Sold by Angrove Sales Solar Dynamics Sunrise Solar Natural Light

claimed airflow


1350 CFM (20W)
1550 CFM (25W)
1275 CFM 1250 CFM 1250 CFM
claimed ventilation area 1950 sqft (20W)2300 sqft (25W) 1600 sqft 1800 sqft 1800 sqft
solar panel size 20 or 25 watt 20 watt 20 watt 20 watt
solar panel options attached or remote mount attached or remote
attached or remote attached or inclined
fan size 14 inch 12 inch 12 inch 12 inch
color options black, brown, gray, unpainted black, white black only gray only
vent housing construction zincalume alloy plastic plastic aluminum
thermal switch included! optional
(add $29)
(add $29)
(add $29)
Price Range* $509-$629 $679-$1124 $628-$724 $504-$588


* Pricing and product specifications were obtained directly from manufacturer and distributor websites and are current as of August 18, 2007.  Pricing for each product includes temperature switch for unbiased comparison.  Shipping & Handling charges are not included for any of the above products.

Attic vent pictures used in the table above are the property of the respective manufacturer as listed above.  The pictures are displayed for informational purposes only and in no way constitute any agreement between Attic Breeze and the respective manufacturer.

Only manufacturers of 20 watt solar attic fans are compared in this analysis.  Pricing comparison is limited to self-flashing vent housing styles only.