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We sell the Hummel connectors and liquid tight fittings, We offer more sizes and stronger seals than almost any of the fittings on the market today, our fittings include Explosion proof, submersible, corrosion resistant, we even have miniature fittings for that real small application

We have heat shrink connectors that have a low temperature solder, when installed this connector has no resistance (butt) and takes more pulling pressure than the wire would stand up to.

We have cooling fans, lighting transformers and many other electrical parts and products to offer you

We sell nuts bolts and screws, we have some of the smallest fasteners available. We also handle some hard to locate hardware, including hooks, snaps, and other fastening parts, so if you don't see what your looking for please ask us

Our products range from Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and many other materials.

Please ask us to quote your needs and see how good our prices and service are.

We have many sorts of gidets and gadgets to make that thingamajig work for you

If you don't see what your looking for, ask us about what your looking for (we sometimes understand engineering gibberish)
We can have that special part made to order with a very low minimum,

 Our molded products include high temperature applications, along with food industry grade materials



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