Angrove Sales is an independent manufacturer's representative in the fastener and electrical industry. We have the “connections” you need to many of the small items that you can't find just anywhere. Whether you need millions, a case, or a box, we can compete with some of the best. You can buy either directly from the source, if you want only a limited quantity, or we can refer you to one of our distributors closer to you.

Whether you prefer the J I T service approach or delivery and customs fees included, our distributors will be happy to help you.


We work with manufacturers that can supply the smallest and largest screws with low minimum quantities; for made-to-order, we need simply a drawing or a sample to quote you prices and delivery.


We sell the Hummel line of electrical products that include multi-pin M16, M23 and M40 circular connectors. They are resistant to water or other liquids, and they can handle up to 19 pins on the M23 model. This connector was designed from the original Hummel liquid-tight fitting, a respected mainstay of the control and automation industry. We now offer the baby of the family, our wadi-mini. This is a neat little connector new to the market, but can still hold its own with its bigger brothers. It’s rated at 150 psi, and is made of brass to stand up to the elements.


Our lines of liquid-tight fittings are submersible down to 300 feet, and are available in EMI fittings, PVDF, and brass with nickel plating; they are also available in miniature sizes


Some of the many other products we sell include complete line of fasteners such as nuts, bolts, screws, washers, self-drill, locking, antitheft, left hand threads, special threads, and ACME thread.


We also represent a major Spaenaur distributor so we can help you with some of the odd gizmos, and gadgets you may need to, pull, push, crumple, and maneuver your earth, sea, or star ship.


Most of our products are available in hi-grade steels (stainless, 18-8, 18-10, 302, 303, 304, 316, 410,430, etc.) as well as brass, aluminum, plated, cad, hot-dipped galvanized, mechanical galvanized, and zinc-plated ( in white, yellow, black, etc.). We can even get the heads painted for you, if that's the way you like them.


We can help you fix the bolt hole that got stripped, cross-threaded or mangled. We can help you repair that spark plug hole so it will work like new, too.


We are the representatives for a major thread repair kit manufacturer  for North America, with attractive prices for thread repair kits, inserts and tools that compare favorably to Helicoil, Recoil and Permathread.


We have a full range of rope, cable, and chain hardware accessories, including hooks, snaps, swivels and turnbuckles.




One of our newest featured items is the Rotohinge; this product allows you to rotate the elbow up to 360 degrees and lock it in at various angles, in as low as 10 degree increments.


Please take the time to look over our extensive product line on our home page.


Put us to the test and see what Angrove Sales can come up with for YOU!

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