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Technical Information U.L. Cord Type Designation

AWG Tinsel Cord Rubber & Plastic Cords Heater Cords
XT Christmas Tree Thermoplastic SJOO SJO with Oil-Resistant Insulation
TPT Tinsel Parallel Thermoplastic SJT Service Junior Thermoplastic
TS Tinsel Service SJTO SJT with Oil-Resistant Jacket
TPT Tinsel Service Thermoplastic SJTOO SJTO with Oil Resistant Insulation
SPT-1 Service Parallel Thermoplastic-1/64 in. Insulation SJE Service Junior Elastometer
SPT-2 Service Parallel Thermoplastic-2/64 in. Insulation SJEO SJE with Oil-Resistant Jacket
SPT-3 Service Parallel Thermoplastic-3/64 in. Insulation SJEOO SJEO with Oil-Resistant Insulation
SPE-1 Service Parallel Elastomer-1/64 in. Insulation S Service
SPE-2 Service Parallel Elastomer-1/64 in. Insulation SO Service with Oil-Resistant Insulation
SPE-3 Service Parallel Elastomer-3/64 in. Insulation SOO SO with Oil Resistant Insulation
SV Service Vacuum ST Service Thermoplastic
SVO Service Vacuum Oil-Resistant Jacket STO STO with Oil-Resistant Jacket
SVOO SVO with Oil=Resistant Insulation STOO STO with Oil-Resistant Insulation
SVT Service Vacuum Thermoplastic SE Service Thermoplastic
SVTO Service with Oil-Resistant Jacket SEO SE with Oil-Resistant Jacket
SVTOO Service with Oil-Resistant Jacket SEOO SEOO with Oil Resistant Insulation
SVE Service Vacuum Elastomer HPN Heater Parallel Neoprene
SVEO SVE with Oil-Resistant Jacket HSJ Heater Service Junior
SVEOO SVE oil-Resistant Insulation HSJO HSJ with OiL-Resistant Jacket
SJ Service Junior HS Heater Service
SJO SJ with Oil-Resistant Jacket HSO HS with Oil-Resistant Jacket


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