On September 12, 2008 the Houston, Texas area  was severely impacted by Hurricane Ike.  Homes and businesses in the area were subjected to sustained winds of over 100 miles per hour.  Of the many of our customers in the Houston and surrounding areas, absolutely no damage was reported.  Real world tested for the dependability you can trust!

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Solar Powered Gable Mounted Fans

Attic Breeze manufactures the most powerful and durable solar powered gable fans available.  Our solar gable fans move over 1550 CFM of air flow!

Solar Powered Ventilation

Angrove Sales now  offers both the most durable and powerful solar attic vents and solar powered industrial ventilation fans available.  Using only high quality parts and materials, Our manufactures makes solar powered attic vents and ventilation fans that will stand up to the harshest weather conditions time after time.


Our line of 25 watt residential and commercial solar attic fans can deliver an incredible 1550 CFM of airflow, far more powerful than any other product in this class (see our Product Comparison page for details).  These solar attic fans are the most powerful fans available anywhere and can effectively cool an attic space of up to 2300 sqftOur Partner also manufactures a line of 20 watt solar attic fans which can deliver 1350 CFM of airflow, effectively ventilating an attic space of up to 1950 sqft.